Understanding your needs to serve you better


Because oral health is so closely tied to your overall state of health, your responses to the medical questionnaire play a vital role in determining the care and services you need. The comprehensive medical questionnaire is a legally binding document that covers your medical history and current physical condition. Information is required in a number of areas, including diagnosed illnesses, previous medical treatments, any medication taken (prescription and over-the-counter, including dosage and concentration), any vitamins or natural products used, allergies (to medications or food, skin or respiratory allergies, etc.), use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs and physiological changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause, etc.).

The questionnaire also informs us of symptoms you may be experiencing, such as pain, migraines, breathing difficulties, stress, persistent cough, fever, shivers, nausea, dizziness, weight loss or weight gain. Even when these factors aren't directly related to your oral health, they ultimately impact our choice of approach and the dental care you’ll receive. The comprehensive medical questionnaire should be completed upon your first visit and at least once every five years. An up-to-date version must be signed and dated at the time of each visit, even when:

  • The previous visit was the day before.
  • The patient is a young child.
  • The patient appears to be in excellent health.
  • The treatment performed is non-invasive.
  • The dental health professional knows the patient well.

You may be in excellent shape on the day of your appointment. However, if you've changed medication, received a new diagnosis or been hospitalized since your last visit, it's essential that you inform us. This information is paramount to ensuring we provide personalized, quality care that is appropriate for your needs. It tells us what additional precautions, if any, to take to ensure your treatment is safe. This minimizes the risk of complications.

Rest assured that your information will always remain confidential in accordance with the professional confidentiality standards required of all healthcare professionals.