Epic X Diode Laser


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At the clinic, we are dedicated to providing our patients with modern dental care in a welcoming environment. Our qualified team is committed to using the latest technological advances to ensure effective and comfortable treatment. Among these technologies is the Epic X Diode Laser.

The Epic X Diode Laser: a revolution in dental care

The Epic X Diode Laser represents a revolutionary innovation in dental care. This versatile technology is used for a variety of treatments, including tooth whitening and the treatment of certain lesions. The main objective is rapid treatment and greater comfort for our patients.

The laser delivers energy in the form of a small beam of light. This beam is highly concentrated, enabling the laser to be directed at a treatment area inside the mouth. Epic X Diode Laser can be used to treat soft tissues and lesions in the mouth, eliminating bacteria that proliferate in the treated area. It can be used to treat certain oral pathologies, as well as for cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening. What's more, when used as part of a surgical procedure, the Epic X Diode Laser incises soft tissue and cauterizes (seals) blood vessels at the same time. As a result, bleeding is largely controlled.

The Epic X Diode Laser has the advantage of :

• Less invasive procedures;
• Reduce post-operative pain and bleeding;
• Effective control of oral bacteria;
• Faster recovery after treatment.


Laser whitening: a radiant smile in just one appointment

With our laser whitening procedure, you can achieve a brighter smile in just one appointment. By combining the power of the laser with a whitening product specially selected by your dentist, we can change the color of your teeth by several shades in as little as 20 minutes.

A few simple steps are required for laser teeth whitening:

1- An initial consultation to confirm the feasibility and safety of the treatment, depending on the patient's oral condition;
2- Preparation for treatment, including protection of the gums and soft tissues of the mouth;
3- The whitening gel is applied to the teeth;
4- Laser activation of the gel maximizes the effects of the active agents it contains, promoting whiter, brighter teeth.
5- If necessary, a few gel applications and laser activations can be repeated.

Laser whitening offers remarkable results. Studies also show that the technique considerably reduces tooth sensitivity. This is a side effect often associated with other whitening techniques and over-the-counter products.

Treating herpes lesions: fast and effective

The Epic X Diode Laser is also effective in treating herpes lesions. If the treatment is carried out at the right time, an application of less than 5 minutes to the lesion can prevent the appearance of a "cold sore". What's more, even if the lesion is already present, our team can relieve pain and accelerate the healing process with a fast, precise intervention.


Canker sore treatment: for fast relief

Mouth ulcers can cause considerable daily discomfort, even pain... Well, we offer laser treatment in less than 5 minutes to relieve and accelerate the healing of oral ulcers. Treatment by one of our qualified dentists aims to eliminate the infectious agents that caused the lesion in the first place, allowing you to quickly regain your comfort and well-being.

At Centre Dentaire Paris Loft, we're committed to providing treatment using modern technology whenever possible. Contact us today for your next dental appointment on the Plateau Mont-Royal and discover how Epic X Diode Laser can enhance your in-clinic experience.

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