How do you find a good dentist?


There are many dentists’ offices and it may be hard to choose among them. Here are a few criteria you can consider that will help you find a real gem.

To free up a busy schedule and make it easier to obtain an appointment, find a dental centre near home. This winning strategy takes travel time out of the equation. Finding someone close to you is extremely convenient because it avoids long trips and makes scheduling more flexible.

Emergency service
A dental centre with an emergency service allows rapid consultation if an acute situation occurs or complications arise after a dental treatment. The possibility of a consultation in under 24 hours is a value-added that you can’t ignore.

Care offered in-house
Over years of practice, a dental surgeon at a dental centre will have developed certain aspects and approaches in dentistry. Ask the receptionists what sorts of care are provided. The more types of treatment are available under one roof, the less often you will have to go elsewhere for care, unless of course your oral health requires you to see a specialist. The dental surgeon will be able to assess you and establish a treatment plan that will deal with your concerns in order of priority, as well as go over all your medical and financial options with you.

Cost of care
Beware of advertising promotions! Check what exactly is included. A complete oral exam should include certain essential elements, but some clinics will suggest a more thorough one (for example, including a panoramic X-ray). Also, a cleaning at a promotional price may not be possible, depending on the condition of your mouth. An assessment will be needed first to determine what state or condition your mouth is in. Cleaning will be modified based on how long it takes to perform it properly and remove any tartar. The longer it takes, the more you should expect it to cost.

Clean and sanitary premises
A dental clinic should be impeccable. The level of cleanliness required is of primordial importance in reducing the risks of infection and complications.
Asepsis has to be a primary concern. Regular, objective measurements (recommendations from NAOSH – North American Occupational Safety and Health joint committee) are used to assess procedures that protect patients and staff alike.
Did you know that the length of time an operation takes has an impact on your oral health and on reducing post-operative complications? An efficient team, proven work methods and a competent dental surgeon foster optimum recovery and the desired results.

Post-operative follow-up and quality of care
Post-operative follow-up is essential so your dentist can check the progress of your oral health and the absence of complications.
A good dental centre is one where you will be welcomed and helped with the choices relating to your dental health. The diagnosis and treatment options will be explained clearly and both a plan and a realistic schedule will be decided on. Treatments will be efficient, calm, professional and painless. Recommendations will be passed on and follow-up will be done, all in a clean, airy environment by a well-trained team that listens to you. Your only comment will be, “Wow!”
Everyone at the Parisloft Dental Centre is dedicated to going beyond your expectations. They’ve thought long and hard about these criteria for quality of care. They’ve defined them and work every day so that you will benefit from them. Come and see for yourself!